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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which saves Internet settings. Almost every website uses cookie technology. They are downloaded from your Internet browser on your first visit to a website. When you call up this website again using the same end device, the cookie and the information stored in it are either sent back to the website which generated them (first party cookie) or to a different website, to whom it belongs (third party cookie). The website thus detects that it has already been called up with this browser and in some cases will vary the content shown accordingly. Some cookies are extremely useful, as they are able to improve the user experience on revisiting a website which you have already used several times. Under the prerequisite that you use the same end device and the same browser as before, cookies can for example remember your preferences, provide information on how you use a website and adapt the offers shown specificly to your personal interests and requirements.

Your cookie settings on this website

Strictly necessary cookies guarantee functions without which you would not be able to use the website as intended. These cookies are used exclusively by  Träumeland GmbH, and therefore represent the so-called first party cookies. They are only stored on your computer during the current browser session. Strictly necessary cookies guarantee for example that, when switching pages, the switch from http to https functions properly, and therefore uphold the maintenance of increased safety requirements on data transfer. Not least, your decision on the use of cookies on our website is also saved by such a cookie. Your consent is not required for the use of strictly necessary cookies.

Strictly necessary cookies cannot be deactivated via the functions of this page. You can deactivate cookies at any time in your browser. Examples of cookies which do not require consent /list of cookies which do not require consent.


First party cookies on this website which do require consent

Cookies which are by legal definition not strictly necessary in order to use the website fulfil important tasks. Without these cookies, functions which permit convenient surfing on our website, such as pre-completed forms, would no longer be available. Settings configured by you such as a language selection cannot then be saved and would therefore have to be queried on each new page. Furthermore, we would lose the possibility of addressing you directly with individually-adapted offers.

Use of third party cookies requiring consent on this website

Träumeland GmbH also integrates contents from third parties into this website. Examples of this are the integration of Facebook services or YouTube videos. These third party providers can theoretically place cookies whilst they visit the Träumeland GmbH website, and can thus for example receive the information that you have called up a Träumeland GmbH website. Please visit the third party provider websites in order to obtain further information on their use of cookies requiring consent. If you have decided not to issue your consent or want to revoke your consent to the use of cookies requiring consent, exclusively those functionalities shall be provided to you on our website the use of which we can guarantee without these cookies. Website areas which potentially offer the technical possibility of integrating contents from third parties and thus the setting of third party cookies are in this case not made available. You will be informed of this fact through an appropriate note. Should you in such cases still wish to use the website content, this is possible under the proviso that you declare your consent to use cookies requiring consent. To do this, please confirm your consent using the function available at the respective point in our website. If you do not want to allow cookies, you can also adjust the settings accordingly in your browser.

The advantages of cookies

Some cookies are exceptionally useful, as they are able to improve the user experience on calling up a website which you have already visited several times. Provided that you use the same end device and the same browser as previously, cookies can remember your preferences, for example, informing us on how you use our website and adapting the content shown specifically to your personal interests and requirements.

The use of cookies on

Cookies are required for the use of We use them to improve our website and to offer you products and services which we believe could be of interest for you. You can delete or block the cookies on this website, but this may have an adverse effect on the website functions. None of the cookies used on our website collect information through which you can be personally identified.

Managing and deleting cookies

If you wish to block or delete cookies, you can undertake these changes to the browser settings. Most browsers will allow you to accept all cookies or to reject all cookies, or to accept only certain types of cookies so that you can manage your settings. You can also stipulate that you wish to be asked each time a website wants to save a cookie. The procedures for the management and deletion of cookies are different depending on which browser you use. In order to find out how to manage these settings in a certain type of browser, you can use the integrated help functions in the browser, or alternatively call up This link explains step by step how cookies can be managed and deleted in most conventional browsers.