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Little dots LIEBMICH sleeping bag set in grey

LIEBMICH sleeping bag set in a bold dot design

Size: 56/62

LIEBMICH sleeping bag set in a bold dot design

Size: 56/62

Outer material

100% cotton


70 % polyester, 30 % TENCEL™

What size is right?

Length of body - length of head + 10 cm = perfect sized. Read more in our Storie: "What size Baby Sleeping Bag is right for my Baby?"

  • No heat accumulation thanks to double ventilation regulation
  • Guaranteed testing for antimony and harmful substances
  • Perfect sleeping climate thanks to high quality natural fibres
  • Includes bear hanger
  • The sleeping bag can grow with your child thanks to adjustable straps (with heart press studs)
  • Lots of freedom of movement for the legs 
  • All-round zip for easy changing


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We wish you restful nights and lots of joy with the quality products of Träumeland!

Antimony and pollutant tested mattress covers at Träumeland baby mattresses.

 Icon Guaranteed testing for antimony and harmful substances

We care about the quality of our products. That is why all our products have been tested independently several times for antimony and harmful substances and have been verified for use in a cot. Ensuring sustainable production and carefully selecting materials are a natural part of what we do!
All-season sleeping bag dots gray with ventilation slot

 Icon Double ventilation regulation

Both ventilation slits on the sleeping bag can be opened with a zip and allow optimum air flow as needed. As a result, your baby will not overheat. THE BREATHING SLEEPING BAG – FOR HEALTHY AND SAFE SLEEP.

Natural fiber TENCEL

 Icon Perfect sleeping climate

Not only is the sleeping bag wonderfully cuddly, it is also made from the highest quality materials. The TENCEL™ fibres used in combination with polyester absorb significantly more moisture than cotton and ensure an even drier and healthier sleeping climate.

Washing and care instructions

Washable at 60 degrees Bleach Suitable for gentle machine drying Iron Textile care


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High quality natural fiber TENCEL.


With TENCEL™ , a new age of fibre technology has been introduced. TENCEL™ is a cellulose fibre and is obtained from wood in an environmentally-friendly process. It unites the advantages of many fibres: as fine as silk, as strong as polyester, as easy to care for as acrylic, as cool and pleasant to the touch as linen, as warm as wool; it also absorbs much more water vapour than cotton.

High quality cotton.


Cotton is one of the most well-known and most widely-used natural materials. Cotton is breathable and highly durable. Therefore it is particularly suitable for use in a baby bed.

Material polyester


Polyester is a particularly resistant, elastic fibre.

Why should my child sleep in a sleeping bag?

Sleeping bags are the better alternatives to duvets. Using sleeping bags for babies instead of traditional duvets significantly reduces the risk of heat accumulation or covering your baby. Your baby sleeps more peacefully – they won't wake up because the duvet has disappeared. A sleeping bag also provides the feeling of safety familiar from the womb.

What is the right size for my baby?

The perfect-sized sleeping bag for your baby primarily depends on the size of your child's body. Our tip: To ensure your baby has freedom of movement for their legs, the distance between their feet and the bottom of the sleeping bag should be no less than than 10 cm.

The table below with guide values will help you with your selection.

To be on the safe side, you should still check:

Length of body
= - head length
= + 10 cm
= perfect size for the sleeping bag

What clothes should my baby wear in the sleeping bag?

Many parents are unsure when it comes to nightwear. Will the baby be too warm or too cold? Just as there are hot summer nights and cold winter months outside, there are also differences in temperature in your child's room at night. To allow a restorative sleep for your child it is important to perfectly adapt their nightwear. We don't want to make any general statements on this. However, one thing is crucial: Don't be fooled by the thickness of the material in the sleeping bag as the materials have different heat values.

The “TOG” unit can be consulted as a guide value. “TOG” represents the thermal conductivity of textiles and tells you how warm your baby will be in a sleeping bag at a certain room temperature. The higher the “TOG rating”, the warmer your baby. Sleeping bags have different “TOG ratings”. The LIEBMICH sleeping bag has a 2.5 TOG rating. Nightwear should be adapted in line with the “TOG rating” listed.

Recommended clothing under a year-round sleeping bag - depending on the room temperature (in English).

On hot summer days, the inner sleeping bag can be used without the outer sleeping bag. As we have used guide values, you should listen to your gut instinct and feel your baby's neck. Simply imagine you were lying in the sleeping bag! TIP: The LIEBMICH sleeping bag has double ventilation regulation. Both ventilation slits on the sleeping bag can be opened with a zip and allow optimum air flow as needed. As a result, your baby won't overheat.

What you should consider when buying a sleeping bag for your baby...

  • calculate the right size (enough freedom of movement for the legs as well as fit for the head and arm hole)
  • select the right material: TENCEL™ natural fibres ensure significantly more moisture absorption
  • sufficient ventilation to avoid heat accumulation
  • press studs preferred due to the choking hazard of buttons
  • no ribbons and laces
  • a sleeping bag that grows with your child is practical and also saves money
  • all-round zip for easy changing as well as putting your child in the sleeping bag and taking them out
  • low-risk materials to ensure your baby sleeps safe and sound
  • zip with locking mechanism so your baby cannot get trapped and the zip cannot open by itself

Why babies prefer the LIEBMICH sleeping bag

The breathing sleeping bag: The double ventilation regulation is a unique feature that every baby would want. Both ventilation slits on the sleeping bag can be opened with a zip and allow optimum air flow as needed. As a result, your baby won't overheat. Just as you like to control the temperature in your bedroom, your baby wants that in the sleeping bag too.

Natural fibres: the comforting material is cuddly, healthy & natural

Tested for antimony and harmful substances for safe and healthy sleep

Loving details make the LIEBMICH sleeping bag irresistible!

Tips on care 

For washing use a mild detergent without optical brighteners. 

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