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3D comfort pads for excellent lying comfort

Size: 90 x 200 x 15 cm

3D comfort pads for excellent lying comfort

Size: 90 x 200 x 15 cm
  • Ventilation:
  • Mattress cover:
  • Mattress core:

Allergy sufferers Allergy sufferers
Divisible cover Divisible cover
2 degrees of hardness 2 degrees of hardness
3D comfort pads 3D comfort pads
Air cushion Air cushion
7-zone-cut 7-zone-cut

2 + years
Note on delivery

Your Träumeland mattress will be delivered rolled and vacuumed to protect the environment.

Advantages: Less CO2 emissions thanks to reduced transport volumes and less packaging material



Incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs

Product is not available

We wish you restful nights and lots of joy with the quality products of Träumeland!

Mattress cover made of natural fiber TENCEL and side venting band.

Mattress cover Icon Mattress cover

TENCEL™ cover with breathable venting material

The unique TENCEL™ blend fabric consists of 32 % TENCEL™ and 68 % polyester. The cover is quilted with cuddly fleece to produce an optimised, dry sleeping climate and a pleasantly-soft mattress surface. Nature fibre TENCEL™ prevents sweating.

A breathable venting material along the sides provides further facilitates air permeability.

T080282 Image

Mattress core Icon Mattress core

  • outstanding lying comfort through highly flexible 3D comfort pads made of point-by-point elastic cold foam
  • outstanding ventilation of the mattress between the 3D comfort pads and through vertical air channels
  • two degrees of hardness: soft (corrugated contour / white top panel) and medium-hard

Washing and care instructions

Washable at 60 degrees Bleach Suitable for gentle machine drying Iron Textile care Divisible cover


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High quality cold foam for baby mattress.

Cold foam

In contrast to soft foam, raw materials of a higher quality are used in cold foams. Cold foam has better point-by-point elasticity characteristics, is more breathable and has a longer lifetime. The integration of air channels and contour cuts improves important factors such as ventilation and elasticity.

Material polyester


Polyester is a particularly durable and elastic fibre – therefore it is particularly suitable for mattress covers, and enhances them.

High quality natural fiber TENCEL.


With TENCEL™, a new age of fibre technology has been introduced. TENCEL™ is a cellulose fibre and is obtained from wood in an environmentally-friendly process. It unites the advantages of many fibres: as fine as silk, as strong as polyester, as easy to care for as acrylic, as cool and pleasant to the touch as linen, as warm as wool; it also absorbs much more water vapour than cotton.

Wash fleece made of 100% polyester.

Washable fleece

100 % polyester | Washable fleece is a washable hollow fibre that is ideally suited for babies with allergies. It has high resilience and adds cushioning to Träumeland mattress covers.

Why should I buy a special kids' and youth mattress when I can also buy an adult mattress? 

The answer is simple: A child's weight and height is very different from the weight and height of an adult.  In addition, growing children have different requirements than adults. 

Which mattress is right for my children? 

When selecting from so many different models, the decision is certainly not easy.
We therefore provide a points system which should facilitate rapid and reliable orientation through our baby mattress range: the more quality points a mattress has, the better. There are a few factors to consider, depending on what you find important: good ventilation, the quality of the mattress cover and core and additional functions. 

2 degrees of hardness

For how long can I use a kids' and youth mattress? 

Our kids' and youth mattresses are suitable from 2 years and are designed for a weight of up to 70 kg. 

When should I turn the youth mattress from the soft onto the medium-hard side? 

We recommend that you turn the mattress from the soft to the medium-hard side from a weight of approximately 35 kilograms. 

Rolled delivery

How long does it take a roll mattress to unfold?

Your mattress has been lovingly rolled, which means the quality of the materials is in no way adversely affected. Once the outer film has been carefully removed, the mattress will ‘plump up’ and its full functionality will unfold in a matter of minutes. The edges of the mattress may take a little longer. Please note that it can take 2-3 days for the mattress core to reach its full volume once removed from its roll packaging. You can use the mattress as normal during this time.

TIP: By rolling the mattresses, we can reduce the transport volume massively, cut CO2 emissions, save packaging material and be kind to our environment.

Material matters

My new mattress smells… 

Above all new mattress cores can emit a new odour which cannot dissipate completely beforehand due to the packaging. The odour is harmless and will have dissipated at the latest two to four weeks after unpacking the mattress. Ideally, ventilate the mattress outside prior to initial use. However, please ensure that the mattress does not become damp and is not exposed to direct sunlight. All our mattress cores are tested multiple times by independent test institutes for harmful substances and are superbly suited for use in baby beds. 

My mattress core has suddenly turned yellow - what should I do? 

Don't worry - a yellow mattress core is completely harmless.
Every foam discolours yellow through exposure to sunlight or artificial light. This is completely harmless and certainly not harmful for your baby. 

My mattress has a depression in it 

The covers of our mattresses are quilted with fleece on the inside. After initial use, this fleece loses a little of its volume. If your child always sleeps in the same place on the mattress, a depression may appear to form where its head contacts the mattress. If you lay your child in different places on the mattress, or when the child later moves around more on the mattress, the fleece is compressed across the entire cover, and the "depression" disappears again. This compression of the cover does not represent a disadvantage for your child. 

Is the mattress core also washable? 

No. We use a water-based adhesive in the production of our mattress cores; the individual parts would then fall apart. 

None of the mattresses from the Träumeland standard range fit into my child's bed. Are customer sizes available? 

No problem - simply contact a Träumeland distributor located close to you. It is best to bring a template for the required mattress with you.  Due to the materials used, we cannot unfortunately offer customer sizes for the Green Air product.  We do not currently offer customer size mattresses via our online shop. 

Maximum possible sizes for customer sizes: 

The maximum size is: 160 x 200 cm 

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