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Functions of a baby mattress - Träumeland

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Quality points

Overview of all mattress characteristics

Our points system ensures a rapid and reliable orientation through our baby mattress program. The more quality points a mattress has, the higher its quality. The total number of quality points are compiled from the following aspects:

Icon mattress ventilation in baby mattresses.
Mattress ventilation

A well-ventilated mattress is particularly important for your baby: unhealthy heat accumulation is avoided, exhaled CO2 is dissipated and the child can breathe freely. The number of quality points assigned is dependent on the air channel and ventilation system designs. >> VIDEO

Icon mattress cover.
Mattress cover

All Träumeland covers are removable, washable at 60°C (with the exception of the Nature mattresses) and breathable. The award of quality points is orientated on the type of cover and whether breathable venting material has been integrated along the sides of the cover for increased breathability. >> VIDEO

Icon mattress core.
Mattress core

Depending on the quality, a point-by-point elastic core adapts perfectly to the body. It only yields where the body exerts pressure in order to protect the spine. Mattresses which are too hard are not suitable for the soft bone structure of a baby. Products with special foam are awarded more quality points than soft and cold foams due to their outstanding properties. >> VIDEO

Icon for allergy-appropriate products.

These mattresses are particularly suitable for babies with allergies. >> VIDEO

Icon 3D bubble pad for better ventilation of children's mattresses.

Due to their numerous individual polyester threads, 3D-air-cushion-layers are incomparably breathable and extremely point-by-point elastic. This allows your baby to breathe more freely, without sweating. >> VIDEO

Icon security edges.
Reinforced edges

When baby makes the first attempts to stand up: our mattresses have reinforced edges on the longitudinal sides of the mattress to prevent caving in or getting stuck between the lattice bars. We deliberately produce our mattresses without reinforced edges at the head and foot ends as they are too hard for baby's little head. >> VIDEO

Icon mattress cover.

Due to their three-dimensional shape, 3D comfort pads react with high point-by-point elasticity, and relieve any sources of pressure. They thus provide optimum support for your baby's spine. In addition, they guarantee optimum ventilation. >> VIDEO

Icon baby side and toddler side for longer usability.
Baby side and toddler side

Depending on the weight of the baby, the mattress core has two different degrees of hardness in order to protect the spine. It is recommended to turn the baby side over to the toddler side from a weight of 12 kilograms. >> VIDEO

Icon 2 hardness levels in children's mattresses.
2 hardness degrees (only for kid´s and youth mattresses)

Depending on the weight of the child, the mattress core has two different degrees of hardness in order to protect the spine. Turning the mattress from the soft to the medium-hard side is recommended from a weight of approximately 35 kilograms.

Icon divisible mattress cover.
Divisible cover

The two bed surfaces of the cover are divisible. If the bed is soiled, simply divide the mattress cover, flip the underside to the top and your baby can continue to sleep. You then have enough time to wash the soiled side. Later, you can simply zip the two sides of the cover together and have a complete mattress once again. >> VIDEO

Icon integrated moisture protection.
Integrated wetness protection

A mattress core will stay dry with the Träumeland "sleep safety" and "sleep dry" mattress covers. The moisture is absorbed on the surface. Air-tight wetness protection covers are no longer required as long as your baby is wearing a nappy. >> VIDEO