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How do I prevent heat accumulation in the cot?

As you make your bed, so you must lie on it. This phrase also applies to the smallest among us. Babies and young children usually need at least fourteen...

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What is Träumeland-Care?

How should babies be positioned correctly? So that they can sleep well, but also lie anatomically correctly. In particular new mums are understandably rather...

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Every baby should have its own mattress

Decorating a child's room is a wonderful event. Where expecting mothers can really get creative. Usually, it is the mothers who do the work here. But there...

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Why is a ventilated mattress so important?

Of primary importance when purchasing a baby mattress is the selection of a "breathing mattress". Most of you have surely already read about these or heard...

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Marlies Raich trusts in Träumeland

For years, Marlies Raich dominated the slopes as slalom queen, and was the most successful female ski racer in this discipline. Since October 2015, the...

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Meet & Greet in Salzburg

Marlies Raich industriously signed autographs in October at the trade fair booth of Kids Austria in Salzburg. Also popular were the spaces in front of the...

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Product test on the elastic nursing cushion

There are products with which we hardly concern ourselves at all until we become pregnant. Nursing cushions are definitely one of these. This is logical;...

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Product test cuddly nest

Babies love limitations. It helps them to perceive their own bodies. The Träumeland-CARE cuddly nest is ideal for the promotion of motor skills development,...

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