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What size baby sleeping bag is right for my baby?

Baby sleeping bag or baby blanket and pillow? Many parents feel confronted with this question – on one hand, you want to make your baby as comfortable as possible; on the other hand, the highest possible degree of safety is the top priority. After deciding to use a sleeping bag, it is then a matter of finding the perfect size. It should not be too large, but it should also not restrict the baby. Size is therefore essential when it comes to choosing the right sleeping bag for your baby. Sleeping bags that are too large carry the risk that your baby will slide under and the sleeping bag will cover your baby’s face.

The perfect-sized sleeping bag primarily depends on the size of your baby. To ensure your baby’s legs have freedom of movement and yet fit snugly, make sure that the distance between its feet and the bottom of the sleeping bag is no less than 10 cm.

Table for choosing the right baby sleeping bag size.

Table for determining the right size of baby sleeping bag

The information below with guide values will help you select the right sleeping bag:

  • Size 44 for height < 50 cm (newborns)
    Size 50/56 for height 50–56 cm (0 to 2 months)
    Size 56/62 for height 56–62 cm (2 to 3 months)
    Size 68/74 for height 68–74 cm (4 to 9 months)
    Size 80/86 for height 80–86 cm (10 to 18 months)

To be on the safe side, you should still check:
Length of body − length of head + 10 cm = perfect sized sleeping bag


Tips for choosing the right size of baby sleeping bag

Generally applies to the size of the baby sleeping bag: Your baby needs to grow out of the suitable sleeping bag. If your baby grows into the sleeping bag, it is too big! Rule of thumb: For a difference of max. 2 cm, round up to the next baby sleeping bag size. For a larger difference, round down.

In addition to the optimal length, neck and armholes are also important. These must not be so big that your baby slides into the sleeping bag. Rule of thumb: The distance between your baby’s neck and the neckline should be about one finger’s width.

To save money, you can choose a sleeping bag that grows with your baby. The size of the sleeping bag can be adjusted with the snap fasteners. You don’t need several sleeping bags of different sizes.

Choosing the right size of baby sleeping bag is not difficult provided you follow these tips.


Sleeping bag with feet – the alternative to the classic sleeping bag

Have you seen our sleeping bag with feet? The Liebmich “to Go”, as we affectionately call it, ensures that your baby can stand safely in its cot during the first attempts at standing up and has even more freedom of movement when sleeping. Nothing stands in the way of a successful start to the morning.

Choosing the right size of baby sleeping bag is not difficult provided you follow these tips. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service at +43 7285 60 106.

Little boy carries sleeping bag with legs and sits on a baby mattress.
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