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This is a question we hear almost every day: what is the best baby mattress? There is no simple answer to this question, but we can say that the more additional functions a baby mattress has, the higher the quality.

The breathing mattress


Breathable materials and air channels ensure a well-ventilated mattress. This avoids the unhealthy build-up of heat. Your child is able to breathe freely and will sweat less.

Mattress cover

We offer a range of different mattress covers made from high-quality fibres. All covers are washable at 60°C. The highest quality covers are made of TENCEL™ – this natural fibre prevents sweating and ensures a dry sleep environment.

Mattress core

The ideal baby mattress is not too hard and not too soft. The higher the quality of the mattress foam and the more open-pored it is, the more comfort it provides.

Integrated wetness protection

If there should be a little leak, the "sleep safety" and "sleep dry" mattress covers hold any liquid in the surface layer and the mattress core stays dry.

Divisible cover

All mattress covers are removable, and some are also divisible. If something happens, simply separate the cover. Put the lower part on top of the mattress and carry on sleeping. While the child sleeps, you can wash the soiled upper part.

Suitable for allergy sufferers

All of the materials used must be tested for toxins by independent test institutes and be suitable for use in cots. Look out for a quality mark from a recognised test institute such as Öko-Tex.

Baby & toddler sides

To protect the spine, some mattresses have a baby side and a toddler side. Once the child exceeds a weight of approx. 12 kg, the mattress can be turned over.

Reinforced edges

Reinforced safety edges are recommended to prevent the baby from sinking into the mattress when starting to stand in the cot. The edges are somewhat firmer than the rest of the mattress.

3D comfort pads

3D comfort pads relieve pressure where it might build up. This guarantees perfect adaptation of the mattress to the body in order to protect the spine.

Air cushion

An air cushion topper provides unbeatable breathability in baby mattresses. For maximum ease of breathing and less sweating.

The breathing sleeping bag

LIEBMICH baby sleeping bag

The year-round sleeping bag from Träumeland that grows with your baby and features two ventilation slits. They permit tailored regulation of the temperature in the cot.